Before The Year Runs Out A Number Of Things To Run By

With the last run of the year, Hero To Hero, held December 30, 2016 organized by Run Mania Philippines Promotion Incorporated done, I bade 2016 goodbye with the reporting of the following running accomplishments for this year. This 2016 I had a total distance run in various events of about 1,785 kilometers as against 2015’s 1,858 kilometers which give me 75 kilometers short from last year’s. Compare to 2015’s 13 marathon events participated I only had 10 this year although it is still better from 2014’s 6. Instead I had more half marathon this year with 11 compare to last year’s 4. I participated in 12 ultramarathon events this year, which included 2 successful finished in 100+ kilometers distance event.  Last year I had 16 ultramarathon participations with 87 kilometers as the farthest distance ran after I failed to accomplish my first 100+ kilometers attempt in Ilocos. From this year’s 12 ultra only 5 were 50 kilometers distance while the previous year I figured in 11 50 k distance events.   In 2014 I joined only 8 ultramarathon events with 2 almost back to back 60 kilometers as the farthest distance ran. This was already a feat considering I just started running ultramarathon in December of 2013.  I had 3 DNFs this year whereas last year 2, however, the 2014 was the worst with 4 DNFs that almost came one after the other. That because I had Plantar Fascitiis back then that only recovered by October 2014 as a result by 2015 I had foot pain issues which might still be attributed to that previous ailment or develop out from it. This foot issue kind of slowed my pace down.  By 2016 that foot pain issue was completely forgotten. However, after running 80 kilometers in the event, Smart Mayon 360 in April I began to suffer acid reflux that was causing my chest area to experience pain. I figured that if I start slow the tightening feeling in my chest disappear after about 2 kilometers. I hope by 2017 this too becomes a thing of the past.


This year my running was able to have me traveling farther than the usual Southern Tagalog and Cordillera Administrative Region. I was able to run 9 destinations including 1 international venue as opposed to last year’s only 5 outside Metro Manila and its immediate provincial vicinities. The places reached were Albay, Antique, Batanes, Bohol, Catanduanes, Cebu, Laoag, Tacloban and Singapore. In 2015 I had seen the crater of Mt. Pinatubo when I ran in the event, Mt. Pinatubo Ultramarathon. Running this year in one of the trail event, it was the Taal Volcano’s crater that I got to see. My trail running experiences this year even out last year’s 7 with The North Face Run as the longest distance for both years. In 2015 I ran in total of 43 run events which was similar to this year’s 43 but if I will include the two run events I missed because of rain which were the events, UP to UP 80k Ultramarathon and Orani Half Marathon, plus another run event that happened during around Independence day that I forgot I registered at and the recent Lining Half Marathon event then I top 2015 with the number of run events participated at. I even had 3 weeks of off season in the month of March of this year. The best news however was that in the event, Hero to Hero 50k Ultramarathon in spite of the rains and uphill encountered I managed to established a new personal best with a finish time of 7 hours and 20 minutes about an hour faster than last year’s 8 hours and 2 minutes record which happened  in December 29-30, 2015.


I noticed that my ultramarathons were spaced out with each other almost 2 to 3 weeks apart unlike the previous year which I ran ultramarathon almost every week. Does the finding suggest that the reason I probably had success with my bid for the 100+ kilometers distance was due to my having enough time to recover from the previous ultra? Should this be my strategy if I want to attain more successful 100+ kilometer distance? I usually participate in run event without regard whether the current run would have bearing on my next farthest distance bid. I join a certain run event because first I am interested to visit the venue the event may be happening at. Sometimes the event is a must try because of certain popularity it attained from among the runners because perhaps the challenges it pose. I also try to shop around for race organized by race directors which have obtain following from their respective local circle who can present a viable alternative to those that had yearly churned out events. I also look at the kind of loot given by race events. Currently, I am on a hunt to achieve my goal of reaching the 100th marathon. So far mine is at 33rd.  After running at Manila to Sierra last December 18, 2016 I realized that I might be able to achieve more 100 plus kilometer distance races that’s why I am counting on more of my participation at 100 kilometers distance event next year. Maybe next year also would begin my Road to Bataan Death March 102. I was planning to cut down on my participation in events though to lessen my expenditures. Probably avoid running in many of the more commercial run events like those of Run United. But I am still wishing I could finally run in places like Palawan, Bacolod and Pagudpud among other places locally.



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