Hitting The Wall Twice


Last September 6, 2015 after a year, I hit the Wall again and did it twice that day – one in the morning and the next one in the afternoon. The expression “Hitting the wall” an expression use by runners and as Wikipedia describes as, “a condition caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifest itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy. However, this is not what I was referring with at my opening sentence. Rather I was referring to the two events I participated namely, The Great Walled City Run organized by the Knight of Columbus held at 5:00 am and the Salomon City Trail Run, which was held at 4:00 pm both within the perimeter of Intramuros in Manila.


In the Great Walled City Run, the route started along Sta. Lucia Street near Anda Street and Baluarte Plano de Santa Isabel and wound its way along Muralla Street until Soriano Avenue before entering once again Sta. Lucia Street via Arzobispo Street. The route was basically a four loops run for 10k category participants, which I was registered at. I was pretty much all by myself with only Peewee Villar as the only runner I recognized among the other participants beside Running Photographer, RJ Knight who was one of the event’s photographer. Many of those whom I run previously were at the event, Entrep Run happening the same time at CCP complex. Although I did not have an earlier run the previous day, I found myself huffing and puffing the first few kilometers before I got myself acclimated and began running more comfortably. I finished the event with a time of one hour and ten minutes. Just a 3 minute more of my finish time at Pinoyfitness’ Sub 1 Challenge held in Baguio a few months earlier.


While at the Salomon City Trail Run, it was a sort of reunion of runners I had ran with in various occasions. Heidi, Albert, KC, Dwight, Baldwin and Louie whom I first met at Team Malaya’s Cordillera Series. While Luis, Grace who call herself in her FB page as Bling Runner and the guy with eye glasses whom I did not managed to get his name were from this year’s TNF 100. Ricky and Grace from Bandana Runners were frequent running mates of mine from various run events. Many of them also had a chance to run with each other in other events that I did not participated thereby making them acquainted with each other. This only goes to show that our running world was much smaller although the running community was bigger.


The Salomon City Trail Run followed pretty much last year’s route, which started at Fort Santiago. Runners upon exiting Fort Santiago turned right toward the sidewalk of Bonifacio Drive then turned left along Padre Burgos Avenue for a more “trail feel” by running along the grassy portion of the sidewalk. Then runners entered Muralla Street via the road often referred to as “Round Table” named after the Pizzateria once stood this location. Runners turned right following Muralla Street passing by the Department of Labor and Employment building. Runners climbed the Wall via Baluarte de San Francisco de Dilao and get off the Wall via the stiff stone stair near Anda Street and San Juan de Letran. Runners run along the street fronting the formerly commercial establishment filled portion of the Street near Letran Dormitory while at the other side of the wall fronting the Magallanes Drive stood the statue of Isabella II of Spain. Runners then turn left going towards Banco Filipino Building then exit along Soriano Avenue until Palacio Del Gobernador and enters General Luna Street to get a ribbon marking the completion of the first loop. Runners proceed to turn right along Postigo Street and into Arzobispo Street and left to Sta. Lucia Street to begin the second loop of the 3 loops perimeter run before runners climb the Wall of Intramuros via the stairs near Postigo Street. After runners got off the Wall runners turned right towards Intendencia and into Maestranza Street to enter Maestranza Park. Upon exiting this portion of the route a short run along Soriano Avenue will lead runners back to Fort Santiago for the finish. Salomon City Trail Run was for me one of the best ways to get back at failing to succeed in previous Salomon Xtrail Runs. That is why for the second year I was not able to pass the opportunity to run in this event. Hopefully the next time though a new venue could be considered so that the idea of running the pavement of a busy district like Chinatown, Vigan, or Clark’s Nayong Filipino would provide a different experience from the usual running venues like BGC and MOA while at the same time introducing the value of taking care of heritage reach places in the country.




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