Running Thought

I was beginning to worry why in spite of my participation in numerous run events I am still lagging behind and running slower than I should be. I tried to pace along some female runner thinking I can be faster than most of them but more often than not, I end up falling behind them. Same thing with some of the more elderly runners I come across with and tried to out run. It is bad enough outside running I also fallen behind women. Then I came across an article that says, “…generally women will run faster for long distance and more faster for shorter distance”. It is quite clear now to me that women tend to have more endurance. I lack endurance to keep up my current speed in shorter run at par with my expected finish time for longer distance.

Training is the key here. Apparently, my idea to run more distance during the week in order to improve endurance is quite erroneous. Endurance training should start with speed training. My usual training run doesn’t have distinction between tempo run, long slow distance running. Maybe by changing this might improve my finish time.   


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