Running from Running out of Running Blogs

If there’s one thing I find more difficult to do than running, it is probably maintaining a running blog. May last blog entry was dated November 7, 2012. It was about the first time I ran a full marathon. Since then I have already ran in 26 events including another full marathon. There has to be a lot more things to say about these events but I simply found myself mum about it.

As part of my difficulty of maintaining the blog is that I am not technically savvy about running. So, definitely I can’t impart running basics and valuable tip to improve on someone else’s running. In fact I am just now realizing that I been doing this running thing as the way I do, let say, going to mall. I do it without any thought as how to go about it. I just simply board a ride and alight. Running to me is just a way for me to get to elsewhere. Although the trip is short and I always go back to where I started, but being in a run event transport me beyond the present and into an imaginary place inside my head where of course in that place I am one of those elite runners. The course in my head are filled with much difficult challenges and that my finishing the race would spell defeating the overlord that had shackles the place I am representing in that imaginary adventure run. Thus, the actual real time race’s degree of difficulty pale compare to that of imaginary race I was in at the same time I was running the real race. It is just later on that it dawns to me that certain experience in the actual run event is also worth noting about and tends to write about later. But somehow I never got around writing it again

With vacation time again from teaching, I could probably spent some time again trying to jot down those notes and hopefully find ways to make those snippets quite worth taking time off to read.   


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