Lagging Leg 2

Nature Discovery Trail Run 2012 Leg 2 proved to be less difficult than the leg 1. The route which took the runners from Tanay Adventure Camp in Barangay Sampaloc to Barangay Layba and back had little variations in terms of type of trail compared to the previous run. The only memorable challenge the route posed was the 2 to 3 kilometer uphill run on the way back towards the finish line. But even this does not compare much to the uphill run I experienced in Baguio 21K run last April 2012. Most of the route was manageable enough, not that I am complaining.  In fact, I wanted it that way since the Leg 2 was my first long run after more than a month of no long run due to postponement of run events scheduled in August due to inclement weather. The 2nd leg boasted of the 9 rivers and creeks or the equivalent of 18 crossings along the way, which were quite a welcome and refreshing feature of the run. By the time I reached the finish line I discovered that I was able to shaved off about 40 minutes of the previous time from the Leg 1. My time of 3:48 landed me 125th.









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