Reigning Rain Did not Rein in the my first 32 K Run at RU3

In my quest for my first mary I signed up for a 32 kilometer distance run at the event, Unilab Run United 3 2012 held September 16, 2012. The route began at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City crossing Makati City and passing by the City of Manila to reach Baclaran in Paranaque City and then turn about going towards Mall of Asia at Pasay City.


All the while the rain swings from tiny drizzle to heavy down pour then relents for a moment only to return again into heavy downpour. But to the 3,000 32 Kilometers runners who remained steadfast, the rain only served to fuel their quest to finish the race even more and collect their coveted third piece medal that would complete a larger disk marking the completion of the 2012 Run United series. Completing the course will also serve as the long run preparation to a full marathon that the Unilab Run United had recently added up to its run series. This event is scheduled on October 28, 2012 that promises an even bigger medal for finishers.


Determined to have enough stamina to weather the distance, I was pacing myself slowly all through out the race. I was more bored than actually tired. Maybe the brewed coffee I drank at Starbucks at 2:00 a.m. kind of numb my nerves that I became oblivious to exhaustion and pain initially. I was more conscious of the slow ticking of time as if it were pacing along with every piece of the ground a left behind.  To while away the time, I was thinking of a lot of things such as what I could have accomplished with the time I was taking to finish the race. But of course given the time of the day I would have probably still be slumbering away anyway. It was providential that the rain was torrential for it served as a means to divert my attention from the ennui.


For this race I was wearing my Fila Skele-toe shoes. I began to like this semi-barefoot shoes for it kind of give me a much “feel” of the ground and a sort of control in the way I run. I kind of felt that my feet hugged the ground properly and then propelled me powerfully off the ground when my feet pushed back the earth. I felt the above description gave me the speed I need to make it at the cut off time of the Milo International Marathon Elimination earlier this year that is why I stuck with my Fila Skele-toe when running a more precarious run event.    


By the time I finally crossed the finish arch about four hours and thirty-seven minutes had passed since I left the starting chute. I would not have any complain about this event up until the distribution of the loot bags. Apparently the organizers did not properly taken into account of the size of the finisher shirts that the participant noted in their registration. For as I came to claim my loot bag with the finisher shirt I was told that my size had already ran out. Rain began pouring again dousing my frustration and anger of the turn of events. It seems that as the annual series continuous things can only begin to give in to commercialization and the quality of organization deteriorates. I can still remember the first time I joined the series, even though I ran only in the 10 K category I had quite a handful of goodies from the moment I signed up and another set after the run including finisher shirt that was according to my preferred size and I even got later via mail certificate or participation with photo and race analysis.


But just as rain will continue to come Unilab Run United will continue to haul in participants including I.   


Lagging Leg 2

Nature Discovery Trail Run 2012 Leg 2 proved to be less difficult than the leg 1. The route which took the runners from Tanay Adventure Camp in Barangay Sampaloc to Barangay Layba and back had little variations in terms of type of trail compared to the previous run. The only memorable challenge the route posed was the 2 to 3 kilometer uphill run on the way back towards the finish line. But even this does not compare much to the uphill run I experienced in Baguio 21K run last April 2012. Most of the route was manageable enough, not that I am complaining.  In fact, I wanted it that way since the Leg 2 was my first long run after more than a month of no long run due to postponement of run events scheduled in August due to inclement weather. The 2nd leg boasted of the 9 rivers and creeks or the equivalent of 18 crossings along the way, which were quite a welcome and refreshing feature of the run. By the time I reached the finish line I discovered that I was able to shaved off about 40 minutes of the previous time from the Leg 1. My time of 3:48 landed me 125th.