Taking Running On The Road

Running is basically best done on the road than let’s say on treadmill. However, what I really meant about this piece’s title is taking my running away from the hustle and bustle of the city within Metro Manila and out of town or out of the country hopefully.

Last year running took me to the rugged terrain of Timberland in San Mateo, Rizal When I signed up for Merrell Adventure Run 2011. I ran also the hilly roads of Tagaytay Highlands at Nathan Ridge Run 2011. The farthest I traveled out of town to run was the run event, Skyathon 2011 held at Boracay, Aklan.

This year I was even more determined to improve my record of out of town run. I started with the Baguio 21 K Run held last April 8, then on April 21 I returned to the white beach sands of Boracay for the Skyathon 2012. Then the following week I saw action in another beach run with off road trail run at Camaya Coast, Mariveles, Bataan. Come this May 19 I will be running in yet another beach run with combination of trail and road at San Juan, La Union.  Then a week after I will be in Tanay, Rizal for the Natural Discovery Trail Run. My birthday would begin with negotiating Timberland, San Mateo, Rizal’s off road and by July 1 I will taste the off road trails at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

I am eyeing running at either Bohol or Camarines Sur but those two runs are during the heap of school days and would probably not possible for me to join. Another out of town run I wanted to try is the Corregidor International Half Marathon run usually scheduled in December.

The thing about going out of town is that it gives me a change to get a better grasp of the place I am running at. In my previous line of work, which had me traveling from one province to another to monitor projects funded by our agency, I used to walk from the airport going to the town. When time allows me I likewise hike around the town just to get my self acclimated to the place. One time I underestimated the distance of the airport from the town at Cagayan De Oro. I may have walked for more than thirty minutes before I finally hailed a taxi and found out how far I would still have to go on if I stubbornly stick to walking.

Running is just a better way for me to get around because nobody really gets lost in running in an event. There are probably race marshals signages and directional board around, and the lines of other runners heading for the finish line. Unlike when you simply go about the place as tourist there’s that uncomfortable feeling you are alone but at the same time you feel being watched.   When running in an event, you are seen as akin to a celebrity. People wave at you. Cheers for you and bystanders seems all willing to lend you a hand. You are covered by a protective shield that no harm can possibly come your way even if you are right at the middle of the road.

But probably the real lure of running out of town is simply borne out of the “BGC and MOA running route fatigue” or the boredom involved in having to run same route over and over again. That is why whenever there are new route to be use in a running event even in Manila runners flock to it. This is how it was with the AXN Run whose route utilized the length of C5 road. Same thing with Condura Run which featured running on the Skyway.  To runners running is a metaphor for life. In life we want surprises. In the same way with running runners want to be surprised in the route they are running. Now if zombies runs amuck along the running route of BGC and MOA that would perhaps cure the malady afflicting the bored runners of these route


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