Of Winners and Whiners

The number of people joining various running events has recently seems to have burgeon.  A sure sign of running becoming the next milk tea drink stands phenomena or in some distant era the roasted chicken stands which had sprung up like rashes all over the surface of Metro Manila. Running has become a fad. Unfortunately like badminton would later experience crash as people lose interest eventually after the craze had pass.

For now people trek to the nearest registration booths not merely out of great concern for improving ones health, for there are not a few numbers of runners after their crossing the finish line and start brandishing their finisher shirts and medals, are quite in a hurry to indulge in their favorite past time of smoking. Rather some merely got persuaded to join running events out of pressure of not wanting to be seen whimpering out of the challenge of their colleagues – social running. For others maybe the run event was their company’s project or was being sponsored of and all employees are sort of required to participate. Running along with your boss might be the very thing to make him notice you been languishing for so long in your current position that you need to be advanced to the next level. Others got into running out of their having competitive spirits. Finishing a race is just another way of earning a feather to cap their colorful careers. After all once displayed for everyone to see who could distinguish which medals were earned as award for being exceptional and which medals are simply thrown in to anyone who managed to cross a finish line which everyone is bound to do just give him time to walk all the way to the finish line.   

But no matter what purpose or motivation behind why people join this new craze, I think, this is one craze I would rather want people to get into. For it seems that there are many winners in this activity.

Many winners as well as whiners.

The runners and their families, the organizers, event implementers, product distributors, endorsers, advertisers, race marshals and proceed beneficiaries are the winners in these running events.  

The whiners are those inconsiderate car-hugging people who can’t stand being made to wait for a few moments in their pollution producing vehicles, for the runners to pass through. They are so eager to careen that they honk their horns contributing to another form of pollution – noise pollution. Why can’t they see that the runners were simply trying to do some good in their lives even by simply burning their rubber shoes’ sole while the formers were contributing further to the deplorable state of the environment? A simple courtesy or consideration is all that is being asked of the drivers.

There are also whiners, who decry other runners who asked race organizers if there will be medals, loot bags and finisher shirts to be taken home after the race. The whiners felt that aiming for those mentioned above are bad and corrupting the very essence one run in these events. Why feel bad for those people who are expecting some form of return for paying not so modest registration fees? If such tokens were after all mentioned in the announcement to be given away or that the organizers of the event has all the indication of having gain so much from the event sharing some token wouldn’t hurt them so much.

There are also the other whiners who dislike allowing the Kenyan runners to join the local running events because the Kenyans are always ending up the runway winners in every event we ran them into.

Running has become such a huge industry in the Philippines that maybe it is high time that an agency should step in and keep an eye on unscrupulous organizers so that running in the country could become something worth anticipating and participating at. Well, these are just thoughts that have been running in my mind.  


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