Run Down

As of this writing I have ran in about 70 running events. From these races I took home 31 finisher medals. The first running event I joined in was The Unending Race A Run for 2011 held at UST grounds in February 21, 2010. It was a 5 Kilometer run. Unfortunately I was not able to get the time it took me to finish the race, I even lost my race bib therefore I have no souvenir for that race.

There was this one running event that I joined The Eco-Friendly Run by Ace Hardware held at Mall of Asia last June 27, 2010, a 5k run which likewise I was not able to get my finished time because they failed to published the results. They will forever be banned from my list of prospective running event to join in in the future.

Aside from the 70 race events I have listed that I have joined formally, I am currently registered at about 5 more running events and still looking forward to joining some more in the future. I am actually contemplating on doing a 42 kilometer run before this year ends.

running further

I mentioned that in my first formal run in a running event held at UST, I was not able to record my time finished at a 5k run. In my next run which happened a week after, DZMM Takbo Para sa Kalikasan held at the Quirino Grandstand, I clocked a 37:01 time for my 5k run. My slowest for 5K category, however, was recorded at 44:20 when I ran at the UST Green Miles Run Eco Smart Lifestyle held in March 21, 2010 at the Mall of Asia grounds. It was in another UST run, The 400 Smiles Run held at UST grounds in March 5, 2011 that I managed to established a Personal Best for 5K with 25:33.

My First 10K run was really a result of a happy accident. I ran out of a slot for the 5K category at the Run United for Wellness that is why I opted to register instead at the 10k category. This was just my third formal run in running event. But in spite of this, I still was able to have a very good finished at 1:04:37, 625th place out of the 1,850 others who ran at this race at the Bonifacio Global City in March 7, 2010. Currently, my Personal Best for the 10K is at 57:43 which I clocked at the G.O.O.D Run which also was held at the Bonifacio Global City held April 10, 2011.

For the 15K category my fastest recorded finished was 1:29:36 which I accomplished at Adobo Run After Dark held at ASEANA City, Paranaque held in October 29, 2011.

For the 16K category my record is at 1:42:54 which I also garnered at the same venue ASEANA City in the race Greentennial Half Marathon 2011. I finished 81th. In another La Salle sponsored race, I landed 33th from the 217 who ran the 10K category race in the event Greenovation held November 8, 2010 held at MOA.

In my first 21k run I got a record of 2:20:03 at the running event, Run With The Master and a lousy medal made of plastic held at the Quirino Grandstand. It was in the Condura Run 2012 that I got my Personal Best at 2:19:55. I ran 21 races in the 21K category.

My 25K run is nothing to crow about. I finished at a time of 3:08:28 in the Chevrolet Power Run 2011 held November 6, 2011 at the Bonifacio Global City.


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